Getting your carpets professionally cleaned is like ripping out your old dingey rugs and replacing them with brand-new carpeting; without the extra costs. Not only does it get rid of dust, debris, dirt, and grime, it’s an all-around great feeling of soft cleanliness. Here are a few benefits to getting your carpets cleaned by the Moxie crew!

carpet cleaning

Make Your Carpet Last! – Getting a carpet professionally cleaned once or twice a year can make it last much longer than one that just gets a standard cleaning. It removes any allergens, dust, dirt, and other debris the builds up and ages the carpet.

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Keeping Things Healthy – Because dirt, bacteria, and allergens are being removed from your carpet, this provides a sanitizing clean. It prevents any gross micro-molecules of stuff from getting in the air. For people who have any health issues, any trouble breathing, etc. this is a lifesaver!

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Eliminates Those Stubborn Stains – There are some stains that, no matter how much attention is put on them, there’s just no getting them out of the carpet, right? Wrong! A professional carpet cleaner will be able to take whatever stains you have in your carpet, and completely remove them! The hot water of the machine will penetrate any stain and break it up for easy cleanup.

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That Funky Smell – Some carpets just have that smell that can’t be removed with a vacuum. You know, that weird odor that doesn’t necessarily smell bad, but it doesn’t smell good either. It’s probably stronger where there’s a lot of foot traffic, where the dog or cat likes to chill out, and more. A professional cleaning will eliminate that funky smell. It might confuse the animals though. They’ll have to get their favorite spot comfy again.

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Bring Life Back To Your Carpets – The title says it all. The carpet will feel fresher and cleaner, but it will also be colorful and vibrant again. No more dingy, slightly off-colored carpets!

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