Best Colors to Paint Your Home This Winter

Giving your home a new coat of paint is the best way to start the new year! It’s time to liven up your living space with a new shade to brighten each of your rooms. Here are a few colors that are perfect for the look of your home. Not only will they provide you a cozier vibe, but they will also tie into your theme, no matter what it may be. 

living room with blue walls and couch

What are some of the best cozy colors?

room with purple sponge painted walls
  • A deep navy can be paired with lighter furniture and accents to bring the room together. It’s the perfect color for your bedroom.
  • A silver-grey paint is a gorgeous neutral color that makes a red or dark grey accent pop! It’s a great way to keep the holidays alive after they’ve gone, and it also opens up your room in the summertime.
  • Play with some patterns on your walls to show your artistic skills or add texture. Depending on the design, it’s usually best to keep it to an accent wall to avoid the room looking extremely busy.
  • A smokey purple is a unique shade to paint on your walls, giving your room a completely different vibe! Keep your accents and furniture neutral colors like a white or beige. That combination will make the room feel inviting and warm.
  • A cream-colored tone gives a room an inviting feel with a touch of class. Add metallic accents for frames and lighting hardware to bring it all together.
modern living room
Best Colors to Paint Your Home This Winter 1
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