An epoxy floor is a great way to get a smooth, reliable surface that is long-lasting and exceptionally durable. It’s an easy clean, and customizable. While epoxy flooring is something mainly found in garages, that isn’t the only area of your home that you can use this type of great material. Any room can have a concrete floor with the epoxy finish to it. Here are a few benefits of epoxy flooring that you may not know about:

Long-Lasting – When installed correctly, epoxy flooring will last quite a long time; much longer than tile and wood. It’s strong enough to handle heavy weight on it for extended periods of time so cars, workbenches, furniture, and more can be on there for years without any real issue.

Easy Clean Up! – Epoxy floors can’t hold in things like dust, bacteria, germs, etc. like carpets or wood flooring does. There really isn’t much to adhere to. This makes clean up a breeze! It’s also great for health-conscious homes or people who have a lot of allergies. The floors can be sanitized quite easily.

A Smooth Surface – When concrete is put down there will always be a few little blemishes because of the material. Adding an epoxy coating will make a smooth surface. The compound of the epoxy is self-leveling. When the epoxy is laid, it fills in any blemishes or cracks first, then builds on itself and smoothes out.

epoxied floor
epoxied floor

Friendly for the Environment! – Believe it or not, an epoxy floor is better for the environment. Yes, special chemicals are used in the epoxy to help it stick. The awesome thing is that the epoxy flooring rarely needs to be replaced, so once it’s down, it’s down for a long, long time. Other types of flooring are less durable, needing to be replaced every few years.

Customizable – An epoxy floor is unique with a vast variety of colors and designs. The floor could be plain simple color or it can look like marble. Colors can be sectioned off like a basketball court, or the epoxy floor can be manipulated to look like carpet, the beach, a forest floor and so much more. The possibilities are endless!

Benefits of an Epoxy Flooring 1
Benefits of an Epoxy Flooring 2